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Plant the Seed

In order to live out our mission, we provide our customers with the ability to replenish the resources that we use to create our environmentally friendly products.  Every customer who buys a Bark Accessories product, whether it be a wooden phone case or wood frame shades, receives their own tree seeds. This enables us to teach others about the importance of sustainability and being green-friendly.
We chose to include a few Red Maple tree seeds with our sustainable because they are extremely adaptable and can grow in a variety of soil conditions and climates.







In order for the seeds to grow, you need to mimic their natural environment through a process called stratification. This is a process of pretreating seeds to simulate natural winter conditions that seeds must go through before germination (process which plants emerge from hard seed shell and begin growth).

  • We recommend doing a 30 day cold moist stratification to help soften the hard seed coat.
  • Place the seeds in a plastic, airtight container on a damp paper towel, also covering them with another damp paper towel. Store in the fridge for 30 days. Check on the seeds every couple of weeks to make sure they are moist. Remember, too much water can cause them to get moldy.
  • After 30 days, your seeds are now ready for planting. Yay!
  • Plant the seeds just under the soil. If they are planted too deep, they won’t grow. The soil should be kept damp but never soaking wet, and never let it dry out completely.

Plant outdoors in the Spring or Fall.





*These trees prefer full sun or lightly shaded areas.

Enjoy watching your trees grow!